Level X Racing - All Squad Swimmers

Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2020 in Squads

Squad Swimmers:

We are very pleased to bring you the Level X Racing time trial series by Swim England. 

In these times where no competitions are possible, Swim England have released a series allowing swimmers to compete within their own training sessions. Times will be uploaded onto a nationwide Leaderboard, as well as accepted onto the rankings system. We encourage as many of you to take part as possible to keep up motivation while we wait to compete fully again. 

D Squad will have their first opportunity to race on December 16th in their 6.30pm-7.30pm session at Hebburn. 

P, A, B & C Squads will race on December 19th in the 6.00am-8.00am session at Haven Point. This session will be split into two warm ups to ensure numbers in the pool are adhering to Covid guidelines and C Squad swimmers will be seated 2m apart in the spectator area. A, B and P Squad will use their usual changing stations on poolside to ensure squads do not mix. 

The series will be continued in January and February so more racing opportunities will be available. 

We ask that all entries be submitted as soon as possible. D Squad no later than Saturday 12th December and A, B, P & C no later than Tuesday 15th December. We also ask for a small fee of £1 per entry to help with admin costs and potential cleaning costs at pools. All fees can be paid to Squad Reps at sessions and entries sent to your own Squad Coach. 

D Squad will be racing two 50’s. Dot would like everyone to do 50 freestyle and one other 50 of your own choice. Any swimmer not old enough to compete yet can also take part without the time being submitted onto the rankings system. 

C Squad please enter one 100m event and two 50m events. 

B Squad please enter one 200m event, one 100m event and one 50m event. 

A & P Squad please enter two 200m events and one 50m event. This is because the phase of Level X  missed during lockdown was 200m events. Lindsay would still like to complete this. 

We also need volunteers for both sessions to be timekeepers. All volunteers must be ASA registered with the club. Please let your Squad Coach know if you can help or use the Contact Us page. 

Happy racing everyone!

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