G & W "Farewell to Felling Meet" - Photos

Posted on Saturday, August 07, 2010 in News

I have printed a small booklet with contact prints of the photos taken at the Gateshead and Whickham “Farewell to Felling” Meet. 

If you want to see them on a screen you'll need to catch me with my netbook.  I'll bring my netbook along to any of the sessions at Hebburn during August.

I will try to get these, along with the Junior League photos, to Karen Kirsop for Monday's Training Session at Hebburn.

The booklet contains photos of the following swimmers: 

  • Amy Portlock
  • Anna Blake
  • Annabel Watson
  • Bethany Langford
  • Bethany-Star Cooper
  • Charnelle Carter
  • Chloe Middleton
  • Christina Brown
  • Christopher Todd
  • Daniel Richardson
  • Dylan Pinnock
  • Ellie James
  • Emily White
  • Faye Pinder
  • Georgia Hansen
  • Georgia Payne
  • Hannah Brennan
  • Hannah Kirsop
  • Holly Robinson
  • Jake Whitelock
  • James Lane
  • Jay Hill
  • Jenny Parker
  • Jessica Lane
  • Josef Craig
  • Laura Green
  • Leiane Reay
  • Lewis Gaffing
  • Mason Tighe
  • Molly Momat
  • Nicole Lough
  • Nicole McCulla
  • Rachel Taylor
  • Samuel Watson
  • Savannah Wilkinson
  • Shannon Tighe
  • Zoe Anderson

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