Annual Club Championship

The Annual Club Championship is held at the end of every year in November or December.

All swimmers in the Club regardless of ranking or ability are encouraged to take part in the swimming events.  Swimmers in the small pool lessons from the Learn to Swim Scheme may enter the competition, with their swimming teachers guidance and consent.

After competing in a 5m or 10m event the children parade around the swimming pool area before receiving their medal and a prize.  For many of these children it is their first gala and it is all about having fun through competition.

Swimmers taking part in the large pool events compete in age groups.  They must enter events based on their age on the day of the championships.

All large pool events are ”Heat Declared Winner” for each competing age group.

Club Championship Age Categories
7yrs & under 8yrs 9yrs 10yrs
11/12yrs 13/14yrs 15/16yrs 17yrs & over

Each age group compete for individual awards and for an overall points trophy for Top Boy/Girl. Points from all events will count towards the overall trophy.

Annual Club Gala Events
8yrs and under 9yrs and over
25m Freestyle 50m Freestyle
25m Backstroke 50m Backstroke
25m Breaststroke 50m Breaststroke
25m Butterfly 50m Butterfly
**100m Freestyle
*200m Freestyle 200m Freestyle
*100m Individual Medley 200m Individual Medley
*8yrs and under may enter 100m IM and 200m Freestyle at the discretion of their coach, but no separate trophies will be awarded for this age group in these events
**This event is only open to 11yrs and over

Points will be awarded as follows 1st –11, 2nd – 9, 3rd – 7, 4th – 5, 5th – 3, 6th – 1

In the event of a tie after all the events the number of 1st places and then 2nd places will be considered to decide the overall champion.

Separate male and female trophies are also awarded in each age group for:

  • 100m Freestyle Championship (11-12yrs; 13-14yrs; 15-16yrs; 17yrs and over)
  • 200m Freestyle Championship (10yrs and under; 11-12yrs; 13-14yrs; 15-16yrs; 17yrs and over)
  • 100m Individual Medley Championship (10yrs and under)
  • 200m Individual Medley Championship (11-12yrs; 13-14yrs; 15-16yrs; 17yrs and over)

Presentation of these awards are made at our Annual Presentation Evening which is usually held early in January.

The trophies are presented by our Club Chairman or one of the local businesses, which sponsor and support our Club throughout  the year.

Along with the Annual Club Championship trophies there will also be trophies awarded for:

  • Male Swimmer of the Year
  • Female Swimmer of the Year
  • Young Male Swimmer of the Year
  • Young Female Swimmer of the Year
  • Most Improved Swimmer of the Year

All of these 5 individual award winners will receive a commemorative boxed medal.

Every swimmer who takes part in the Annual Club Championship is presented with a medal no matter what position they finish in.

Please note: Short Course records set at the gala will only be recognised in the Annual Club Championship records and will no longer be recorded in the main Short Course records.