Code of Conduct

This document is for all swimmers and parents of swimmers already members or preparing to join the Squads of South Tyneside Swimming Club (STSC). It is requested that swimmers and parents jointly read, sign and date the section of this document paying particular attention to the consequences of any breach of rules.

Like any organisation we have rules, however by working in conjunction with parents, swimmers, coaches and the committee it is anticipated that all swimmers will understand the reasons behind each of the rules.

Breach of Rules

When swimmers do behave in such a way as to offend against the principles of good behaviour in the swimming club then sanctions may apply. These can vary from an on-the-spot reprimand to a letter sent home to parents for those swimmers who are under 18 years of age. For serious or persistent breaches there is the possibility of a temporary or permanent exclusion from the club.

At all times, we expect swimmers to following the principles set out below:

Consideration – respecting everyone else as an individual, making sure words and actions do not cause hurt or inconvenience to anybody.  

Co-operative – working as a team.

Friendly – being on good terms with each other.

Hardworking – doing our best at all times.

Forgiving – accepting that everyone can make a mistake.

Responsible – being reliable and responsible for our actions, behaving as part of a team.

When representing STSC we expect the following behaviour from all swimmers:

Always wear seat belts whilst travelling to and from galas on club coaches. The club cannot be held responsible if swimmers fail to wear their seat belts.

Wear club kit for land training and on poolside at galas.

Wear full club tracksuit at Swimmer of the Month presentations and for travelling to and from all galas.

Do not take part in any form of anti-social behaviour such as bullying, fighting, name calling etc.

Under no circumstances will the following be tolerated:

  • drinking alcohol under age
  • physical violence or threatening behaviour
  • damage to property or theft of property
  • sexist or racist behaviour
  • smoking
  • being in possession of, taking or selling illegal substances

Details of club kit can be found here.

A PDF downloadable version of the Club Code of Conduct can be found here.