Events List

  1. Wear Valley Christmas Stocking Gala 2009

    When Saturday, December 05, 2009 Category Gala

    Wear Valley ASC are hosting their Christmas Stocking Gala on 5th/6th December 2009.

    The event will take place at Woodhouse Close Leisure Complex.


    Acceptance Information .pdf
    Results .pdf
  2. Blyth (BLSC) Christmas Cracker Meet 2009

    When Sunday, December 06, 2009 Category Gala

    Blyth Swimming Club's 'Christmas Cracker' - a licensed level 4 meet will be held on Sunday 6th December.

    Events are 50m all strokes for 9yrs and 10yrs, 100m all strokes for 11yrs and over. Medals will be issued to first six places for each event in age groups list in the ...

  3. Middlesborough ASC - AA Grade 2010

    When Sunday, February 07, 2010 Category Gala

    Middlesborough ASC are hosting their AA Grade Gala 2010.

    The 2010 meet takes place on Sunday 7 February 2010 and is licensed (4NE0014) for entry into county championships. Awards presented to first six in each of 7 age groups - 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 13yrs, 14yrs & 15yrs/over.

    A very popular gala ...

  4. Middlesborough ASC Junior Christmas Meet 2009

    When Sunday, December 13, 2009 Category Gala

    Middlesborough ASC are hosting their Annual Junior Christmas Meet on Sunday 13 December 2009. Licence granted (4NE9087)

    Events are 50m all strokes for 9 year old, 100m all strokes for 10yrs and 11yrs and 100IM for all 3 age groups - chocolate santas to all heat winners.  Awards are presented ...

  5. Derwentside ASC Christmas Cracker Open Meet 2009

    When Saturday, December 12, 2009 Category Open

    Derwentside ASC are hosting their Christmas Cracker Open Meet on 12th/13th December 2009.

    A two day meet aimed at National Qualifiers and those looking for NQTs.

    Acceptance/Rejection list .pdf
    Full results .pdf
  6. South Tyneside S.C. - Annual Gala 2009

    When Sunday, November 22, 2009 Category Gala

    We are hosting our Annual Club Gala at Hebburn Swimming Pool on the weekend on Sunday 22nd November.

    Fully completed entry forms along with the correct fee must be given to your teacher / coach by Wednesday 4th November 2009/ Sunday swimmers by Sunday 8th November 2009. Squad swimmers entries must be ...

  7. ASANER Senior & Junior Championships (25m) 2009

    When Saturday, November 07, 2009 Category Open

    The details for the ASANER Senior & Junior Championships (25m) 2009 to be held at Freemans Quay, Durham are below.

    Gala details   .pdf

    Please see Andrea for a Gala Entry form.

  8. BAGCAT Championships (25m) 2009

    When Saturday, November 28, 2009 Category BAGCAT

    The details for the BAGCAT Championships (25m) 2009 to be held at Sunderland Aquatics Centre are below.

    Gala details .pdf

    Draft Programme   .pdf


    Session 1   .pdf

    Session 2   .pdf

    Session 3   .pdf

    Session 4   .pdf

  9. BAGCAT Junior Gala - Chester-le-Street ASC - October 2009

    When Saturday, October 24, 2009 Category BAGCAT

    Chester-le-Street Amateur Swimming Club are hosting a Licensed Bagcat Junior Gala at Burns Green Pool, Chester-le-Street

    This Gala is licensed for entries into ASANER and N&D Championships.

    Gala Documentation

    Please find below the documents relating to the Gala.  To be eligible for the Skins event, you must enter the 200 ...