Swimmer Of The Month

Swimmer of the Month is held on the first Wednesday of each month at Hebburn Central pool starting at 7.45pm.

All Competitive Squads members are invited to come along and take part in the Swimmer of the Month presentations.  Full Club Kit must be worn: this includes tracksuit/jogging bottoms or shorts.

A trophy for each Competitive Squad is awarded to the swimmer who their coach thinks has shown most commitment and improvement that month.

The trophy is theirs to display at home for the month until the next Swimmer of the Month presentation.

The trophy should be taken to Bill Upsall Trophies, Charlotte St, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 1PX where it will be engraved. Tel. - 0191 455 6305

Unfortunately the records of Swimmer of the Month are not complete.  If you can help fill in the blanks, please supply the information via the Contact Page.  The A, B, C & D Squads names can be copied from the trophies, but Land Training will not be so easy.

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Swimmer of the Month - Competitive Squads


Swimmer of the Month - 2022
A/P Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Jessica Robinson Nicholas Giles Olivia Arkle Ella Fryer
Pippa Brotherton
Zara Warrener
February Abbie Orr
Chloe Brotherton
Ava Joyce Gabrielle Crosby Oscar Ayre
Sophia Duffy
March Jessica Jobson Lily Watson Erika Sinclair Francesca Carrick
Jessica Haslam
Katie Richardson
April Chloe Brotherton Matthew Olley Henry Jones Christopher Jobling
Ellie Walker
Oliver Watson
May Abbie Orr Chloe Jobson Ellie Hopper Freya Monks
Sophia Duffy
Natalia Swales

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Swimmer of the Month - 2021
A/P Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad DD Squad
May Molly Gould Maeve Taggart Lily Watson Aidan Marran
Isabella Arnold
Faith Udofot
June Jessica Jobson Neve Pagan Arran Laffey Ava-Rose Burnham
Ben Toward
Ellie Hopper
July Chloe Brotherton Emily Neale Chloe Jobson Daniel Joyce
Harvey Dodds
Viana Mehdizadeh
August Oliver Brown Nicholas Giles Jeorg Gatt Alba Guthrie
Elizabeth Dodds
Freya Monks
September Molly Gould Maeve Taggart Matthew Olley Anisa Hossain
Beth Whittle
Bethany Musgrave
October Chloe Brotherton Neve Pagan Ava Joyce Charlie Pagan
Erika Sinclair
Henry Jones

November Isabella Carrick Daniel Pinder Isobel Arkle Ariana Udofot
Eddie Taggart
Thomas Kaye
December Oliver Brown Maeve Taggart Viana Mehdizadeh Bonnie Sutton
Gabrielle Crosby
Matthew Woodcock

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Swimmer of the Month - 2020
A/P Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad DD Squad Land Training
January Aaron Cook Nina Stevenson Joe Davies Lily Watson
Matthew Balls
Melissa Duffield Jessica Jobson(A/P)
Amber Orr(B/C)
February Christian Matheson Daniel Pinder Imogen Stutchbury Chloe Jobson
Oliver Nicholson
Matthew Olley Matthew Neale(A/P)
Joe Davies(B/C)
August Isabella Carrick Nina Stevenson Olli Stevenson Arran Laffey
Erika Sinclair
Bethany Musgrave
September Ben Giles Lisle Talbut Amber Orr Thomas Kaye
William Amor
Elana Richardson
October Jessica Jobson Tamsyn Kennedy Olivia Watkins Eddie Taggart
Pippa Brotherton
Jasmine Udofot

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Swimmer of the Month - 2019
A/P Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad DD Squad Land Training
January Abi Kirsop Matthew Spence Daniel Pinder Chloe Brotherton
Olli Stevenson
Anna Carr Ellie Burke (A/P)
Alfie Dent (B/C)
February Abbie Orr Lauren Balls Neve Pagan Arnie Rea-Mackey
Macie Frost
Erin Ogden Aimee Slater(A/P)
Jessica Jobson(B/C)
March Jessica Robinson Christian Matheson Lisle Talbut Lidu Kovacs
Tamsyn Kennedy
Amber Orr Molly Gould(A/P)
Riley Hope(B/C)
April Christian Matheson Matthew Neale Evie Liddle Lily Watson
Martha Rea-Mackey
Ava Liddle
May Ben Giles Nina Stevenson Maeve Taggart Gracie-Mae McCauley
Harvey Dodds
Olivia Arkle Abbie Orr(A/P)
Lauren Balls(B/C)
June Christian Matheson Clara Birchall Joe Davies Bonnie Sutton
Thomas Kaye
Isobel Macdonald Jessica Robinson(A/P)
Holly Leonard(B/C)
July Charlotte Coleman Lauren Balls Holly Leonard Imogen Stutchbury
Isobella Arnold
Mackenzie Reid Holly Marran(A/P)
Jessica Jobson(B/C)
August Aaron Cook Oliver Brown Ella Ditchburn Grace Tudor
Mya Patterson
Anna Carr Kiah Develter(A/P)
Lisle Talbut(B/C)
September Paige Hope Jessica Jobson Chloe Brotherton Boroka Kovacs
Ethan Robinson
Erin Ogden Ellie Burke(A/P)
Olli Stevenson(B/C)
October Christian Matheson Johnathan Balls Tamsyn Kennedy Arran Laffey
Olli Stevenson
Ava Liddle Abbie Orr(A/P)
Chloe Brotherton(B/C)
November Skye Develter Daniel Pinder Ann Jones Daniel Joyce
Oscar Ayre
Bethany Musgrove Paige Hope(A/P)
Max Young(B/C)
December Holly Marran Tamsyn Kennedy Grace Tudor Henry Jones
William Amor
Anna Carr Aimee Slater(A/P)
Grace Tudor(B/C)

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Swimmer of the Month - 2018
A/P Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad DD Squad Land Training
January Owen Andre Skye Develter Lily Bell Alfie Dent
Emily Neale
Isabella Salkeld
February Abbie Orr Jack James Johnathan Balls Aidan Marran
Ella Ditchburn
Lily Gillespie
March Aimee McKenzie Holly Marran Ella Jenkins Luke Powlesland
Sally Thornton
Isla Wong
April Owen Andre Jessica Robinson Joshua Balls Olivia Mohamed
Sophie Walton
Sam Kelly
May Abi Kirsop Skye Develter Cameron Verth Emmi Cummins
Ethan Robinson
Amber Orr
June Paige Hope Charlotte Rushworth Hannah Blakey Chloe Jobson
Katelyn Walton
Daniel Farish Abi Kirsop(A/P)
Oliver Brown(B/C)
July Wil Maw Kaysie Purvis Christian Matheson Max Young
Riley Hope
Maeve Taggart Charlotte Coleman(A/P)
Jessica Robinson(B/C)
August Kiah Develter Jessica Robinson Niamh Laffey Mylie Sutton
Pete Davies
Holly Leonard Josh Denholm(A/P)
Daniel Pinder(B/C)
September Paige Hope Nicholas Balls Ann Jones Olivia Watkins
Olli Stevenson
Libby Carr
October Charlotte Coleman Matthew Spence Jessica Jobson Chloe Brotherton
Perry Boston
Isobel Arkle Skye Develter(A/P)
Joshua Balls(B/C)
November Abbie Orr Jessica Robinson Emily Neale Ava Joyce
Grace Tudor
Olivia Arkle Owen Andre(A/P)
Christian Matheson(B/C)
December Molly Gould Lily Bell Katelyn Walton Josie Thornton
Mya Pattison
Ava Liddle

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Swimmer of the Month - 2017
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squads
January Wil Maw Charlotte Coleman Nina Stevenson Amanda Shippen
Josie Thornton
Rebecca Bezuidenhout
February Ellie Burke Jay Pinnock Sophie McKerill Katelyn Walton
Florence Stockdale
Matthew Spence
March Megan Linney Caitlin Brown Holly Marran Cameron Verth
Hannah Blakey
Kayleigh McIntosh
April Rhiannon Bridges Lily Hilton Isabella Carrick Lauren Balls
Oliver Brown
Evie Liddle
May Owen Andre Aimee McKenzie Georgia Black Lucy Simpson
Olli Stevenson
June Ellie Burke Charlotte Sibbald Nicholas Balls Allegra Fekete
Joshua Balls
Eve Brown
July Owen Andre Nicia Andre Matthew Spence Harry Rice
Neve Pagan
Niamh Laffey
August Emily McKerill Holly Marran Jack Gillespie Grace Tudor
Harry Dodds
Riley Hope
September Wil Maw Aimee Slater Gabrielle Walker Ella Jenkins
Ewan Walker
Josie Thornton
October Ellie Burke Holly Marran Matthew Neale Matthew Hogg
Max Hilton
Sam Kelly
November Molly Gould Jessica Robinson Niamh Gorman Jessica Jobson
Mya Pattison
Rossi Kerr-Foley
December Aaron Cook Ewan Jenkins Kaysie Purvis Chloe Brotherton
Joe Davies
Megan Hodgson

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Swimmer of the Month - 2016
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Megan Rochester Callum Usher Ethan Reiling Craig Halliday
Allegra Fekete
Emily McKerill (A)
Laura Smith (B)
February Ellie Burke Josh Denholm Holly Marran Abbie Orr
Caitlin Stelling
Abi Kirsop (A)
Natasha Thorpe (B)
March Abi Kirsop Rhiannon Bridges Neve Connolly Georgia Black
Liam Johnson
Dori An (A)
Josh Denholm (B)
April Owen Andre Natasha Thorpe Skye Develter Charlie Pratt
Alexander Conlaund
Ellie Burke (A)
Rhianna Ibbitson (B)
May Ellie Burke Josh Denholm Aaron Cook Damien Carr
Sophie McKerill
Wil Maw (A)
Harvey Linney (B)
June Wil Maw Rhiannon Bridges Nicia Andre Lucy Anderson
Cole Carrick
Ben Samuels (A)
Aimee McKenzie(B)
July Ellie James Rhianna Ibbitson Jack James Lucy Simpson
Mathew Neale
August Kiah Develter Laura Tearle Max Kerr-Foley Harry McCall
Jessica Robinson
September Rhianna Ibbitson Caitlin Brown Molly Thornton Niamh Gorman
Tilly Male
Ellie Burke (A)
Jenny Foster (B)
October Wil Maw Josh Denholm Jessica Robinson Oliver Brown
Katie Brindley
Chloe Hopper
Beth Lacy (A)
Aimee Slater (B)
November Wil Maw Aimee Slater Molly Gould Toby Male
Christian Matheson
December Rhiannon Bridges Jenny Foster Harry McCall Daniel Pinder
Sophie Dent
Lily Gillespie

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Swimmer of the Month - 2015
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January  James Lane Laura Tearle Kate Campbell Josh Denholm Dori An (A)
Ellie Mooney (B)
Jenny Foster (C)
February Abi Kirsop Laura Smith Josh Denholm Aaron Cook
Hollie Askins-Hicklin
Jay Hill (A)
Rhiannon Roche (B)
Ellie White (C)
March Emilie Bloxham William Maw Charlotte Sibbald Charlotte Coleman
Jessica Hagan
Kiah Develter (A)
Natasha Thorpe (B)
Ewan Jenkins (C)
April Molly Momat Danny Jones Ewan Jenkins Molly Gould
Harry McCall
Ben Samuels (A)
Megan Rochester (B)
Meg Spedding (C)
May Kiah Develter Megan Rochester Aimee McKenzie Isobella Carrick
Mathew Hogg
Megan Linney (A)
Natasha Thorpe (B)
June Abi Kirsop Jessica Halliday Ellie White Robyn Patterson
Alexander Conlaund
Owen Andre (A)
Rhiannon Bridges (B)
July Molly Momat Rhiannon Bridges Amy Slater Sophie McKerill
Jonathan Balls
William Maw (A)
August Jay Hill Beth Lacy Charlotte Coleman Molly Thornton
Oliver Dodsworth
September  Abi Kirsop Josh Denholm Erin Batty Cole Carrick
Nicholas Balls
Owen Andre (A)
Holly Smith (B)
Charlotte Sibbald (C)
October Kiah Develter Natasha Thorpe Yasmin Khazaeli Jessica Robinson
Nicholas Giles
Ben Samuels (A)
Callum Usher (B)
Lily Hilton (C)
November Molly Momat Jay Pinnock Jenny Foster Alex Simpson
Jessica Price
Megan Linney (A)
Natasha Thorpe (B)
Aimee Slater (C)
December Wil Maw Beth Lacy Elroy Fekete Lauren Balls
Anna Given
Megan Rochester (A)

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Swimmer of the Month - 2014
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January  Jay Hill Erin Rickaby Beth Lacy Yasmin Khazaeli Emily McKerill (A)
Megan Rochester (B)
Alex Watson (C)
February James Lane Ellie James Ewan Jenkins Kate Campbell Ben Smith (A)
Ella Blythen (B)
Jake Lipscombe (C)
March Ben Smith Jessica Halliday Jay Pinnock Jack James Jay Hill (A)
Kiah Develter (B)
Rhiannon Roche (C)
April Dylan Pinnock Megan Rochester Jake Lipscombe Elroy Fekete Macauley Ainslie (A)
Abby Tuck (B)
Emily Ward (C)
May Emily McKerill William Maw Laura Tearle Abbie Orr Ellie Burke (B) 
Lloyd Barron (C)
June Molly Momat Jack Barry Rebecca Price Ben Giles Megan Linney (B)
July Jake Whitelock Megan Linney Lloyd Barron Lily Hilton Jay Hill (A)
Abby Tuck (B)
Harvey Linney (C)
August Emilie Bloxham Dori An Beth Lacy Isabel Verth
September  Kiah Develter Holly Smith Lily Wallace  Annalise Bridges
Kaysie Purvis
Jay Hill (A)
Ben Samuels (B)
Laura Tearle (C)
October Abi Kirsop Megan Linney Rhiannon Roche Nina Stevenson
Paige Hope
Jake Whitelock (A)
James Lane (A)
Ellie Burke (B)
Rhiannon Bridges (C)
November Emily McKerill Ellie Burke Callum Usher Ethan Reiling
Charlotte Sibbald
Ben Smith (A)
Megan Rochester (B)
Ellie Mooney (C)
December Jay Hill Owen Andre Rhiannon Bridges Skye Develter
Neve Connolly
William Wilke (A)
Beth Lacy (B)
Ewan Mattimore (C)

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Swimmer of the Month - 2013
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January  Josef Craig Dori An Callum Lane Megan Lane Molly Momat (AB)
Megan Linney (C)
February Rachel Taylor Ellis Rickaby Megan Rochester Rhiannon Roche James Lane (A)
March William Wilkie Emily McKerill Milli Blythe James Middleton Faye Pinder (A)
Holly Hymers (C)
April James Lane Ben Samuels Holly Smith Phoebe Ali Megan McCormick (A)
Jay Pinnock (C)
May Chloe Middleton Abi Kirsop Rebecca Oakley Harvey Linney Amber Rodgers (A)
Ellie Burke (C)
June Josef Craig Jessica Halliday Ruby Watson Danny Jones Megan McCormick (A)
Ruby Watson (C)
July James Lane Zoe Findlay Abby Tuck Ellie Mooney
August William Wilkie Reece Connolly Callum Lane Ellie Lamb Beth Lacy (C)
September  Kieran Peart Jay Hill Reece Anderson Meg Spedding Charnelle Carter (A)
Abby Tuck (C)
October Molly Momat Holly Smith Jack Barry Rhiannon Bridges Rachel Taylor (A)
Milli Blythe (C)
November William Wilkie Abi Kirsop Harvey Linney Nicia Andre James Lane (A)
Owen Andre (B)
Alex Scott (C)
December Hannah Kirsop Macauley Ainslie Megan Rochester Laura Tearle Rachel Taylor (A)
Danny Jones (C)

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Swimmer of the Month - 2012
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Josef Craig Amber Rodgers Kiah Develter Bryony Coldwell Reece Connolly
February James Lane Jessica Lane Owen Andre Beth Lacy Jaden Simons
March Josef Craig Ella Blythen Chloe Hagan Molly McCormick Sam Halliday
April Jake Whitelock Jay Hill Reece Connolly Milly Stephenson Ella Blythen
May Rachel Taylor Amber Rodgers Mollie Little Katie Ritchie William Maw
June James Lane William Wilkie Megan Rochester Duri An Callum Lane
July Bethany Langford Ellie James Jack Barry Jay Pinnock Dori An
August Jake Whitelock William Wilkie William Gaffing Abigail Shakespeare Reece Anderson
September Molly Momat Jessica Halliday Jaden Simons Alex Watson Megan Rochester
October Rachel Taylor Laura Huddart Erin Rickaby Milli Blythe Mollie Little
November James Lane Kiah Develter William Maw Emily Ward Jack Barry
December Kieran Peart Ben Samuels Holly Smith Arya Ashrafian Kaffash Lewis Gaffing (AB)
Chloe Hagan (C)

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Swimmer of the Month - 2011
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Jenny Parker Georgia Payne Abi Kirsop Amir Ali Ashrafian Kaffash Emily McKerill
February Charnelle Carter Bethany Langford Ben Smith Hannah Brennan Jay Hill
March Hannah Kirsop Dylan Pinnock Molly Linsey Reece Anderson Ben Samuels
April Faye Pinder Laura Huddard Erin Pinnock Jack Barry Jessica Halliday
May Shannon Costello William Wilkie Ben Samuels Liam Connolly Amir Ali Ashrafian Kaffash
June Rachel Taylor Georgia Payne Emily McKerill Holly Smith Zoe Findlay
July Hannah Kirsop Nicola McConnell Ellie James William Gaffing Lewis Gaffing
September Hannah Costello Molly Momat Jessica Halliday Callum Lane Aaron Carr
October Kieran Peart Lewis Gaffing Zoe Findlay Ellie Burke Rebecca Oakley
November Jake Whitelock William Wilkie Ella Blythen Megan Rochester Abi Kirsop
December Thomas Hagan Ben Smith Rebecca Oakley Holly Hymers Holly Smith

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Swimmer of the Month - 2010
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Shannon Tighe Jenny Parker Faye Sowerby Ellie James Michael Overman
February Charnelle Carter Dylan Pinnock Lewis Gaffing Kiah Develter Liam Oxberry
March Jake Whitelock Christina Brown Bethany Star Cooper Erin Pinnock Rachael Dodds
April Daniel Richardson Megan McCormick Bethany Langford Emily McKerill Leiane Reay
May Josef Craig Emily White Georgia Payne Zoe Findlay Leiane Reay
June James Lane Emily White Laura Green Harvey Linney Lewis Gaffing
July Kieran Peart Molly Momat Jessica Lane Chloe Hagan David Elliott
August Faye Pinder Amy Portlock Leiane Reay Aaron Carr Liam Oxberry
September Jake Whitelock Megan McCormick Ellis Rickaby Dori An
October Annabel Watson Bethany Star Cooper Ethan Clark Erin Rickaby Ella Blythen
November Rachel Taylor Christina Brown Laura Huddart Molly Little Molly Momat
December Daniel Richardson Lewis Gaffing Jay Hill Rebecca Oakley Mason Tighe

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Swimmer of the Month - 2009
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Lee Anderson Christopher Todd Nicole McCulla Chloe Middleton James Lane
February James Lane Callum Edwards Daniel Chadaway Megan McCormick Sam Watson
March Kieran Peart Jake Whitelock Georgia Leigh Hansen Abi Kirsop Michael Overman
April Faye Leathead Christopher Todd Caitlin McKenna Amber Rodgers Rachel Taylor
May Faye Pinder Molly Momat Megan McCormick Savannah Wilkinson Jenny Parker
June Christopher Todd Matthew Nunn Sam Watson Lewis Gaffing Alexandra Spencer
July Charnelle Carter Georgia Hansen David Elliott Layton Smith Lewis Gaffing
August Shannon Tighe Jenny Parker Savannah Wilkinson Ellis Rickaby Georgia Hansen
September Kieran Peart Rachel Taylor Emily White Ella Blythen Erin Sowerby
October Josef Craig Nicole McCulla Amber Rodgers Estelle Clarke Molly Momat
November Faye Pinder Nicole Lough Liam Oxberry Mason Tighe Philip Graham
December Holly Robinson Molly Momat Christina Brown Leiane Reay Jessica Lane

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Swimmer of the Month - 2008
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad Land Training
January Jake Woods Frankie Charlton Faye Leathead Bethany Scott
February Rachel Leathead Faye Pinder James Lane David Elliott
March Rebecca Grant Shannon Costello Laura Smith
April Danielle Huskisson Faye Pinder Emma Wylie Christopher Todd
May Victoria McKeown Zoe Anderson Josef Craig Alexandra Scott
June Alex Richardson Sarah Morris Daniel Richardson Dionne Towers
July Liam Bosomworth Holly Robinson Christopher Todd Dylan Pinnock
September Liam Bosomworth Shannon Tighe Callum Edwards Jessica Lane Christopher Todd
October Rachel Leathead Annabel Watson Jake Whitelock Alexandra Spencer David Elliott
November Jake Woods Hannah Kirsop Rachel Taylor Bethany-Star Cooper Kieran Peart
December Alex Richardson James Lane Faye Sowerby Nicola McConnell Thomas Hagan

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Swimmer of the Month - 2007
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Paul Robinson Alex Richardson Emily Robinson Holly Robinson Josef Craig
February Jake Woods Sarah Prudham Shannon Costello Christopher Convery Jordan Blair 
March Danielle Huskisson Elise Henderson Dominic Bird Shannon Tighe Kieran Peart
April Paul Robinson Rachel Leathead Michael Haley Joe Shepherd Nicole Atkinson
May Victoria McKeown Craig Thornton Kieran Peart Annabel Watson Callum Edwards
June Rebecca Grant Emma Haley Michael Haley Matthew Nunn William Lane
July Danielle Huskisson Alex Richardson Frankie Charlton Amir Khosravi-Nik Faye Leathead
September Liam Bosomworth Evangeline Gray Nicole Lough Emma Wylie Hollie Davies
October Jake Woods Zoe Anderson Jonathan Arthur Beth Browne Nicole McCulla
November Sarah Willis Jessica Bambrough Hannah Costello Holly Robinson Dylan Pinnock
December Victoria McKeown Rachel Leathead Shannon Tighe Hannah Kirsop disbanded

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Swimmer of the Month - 2006
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Amy Bell Matthew Platten Elise Henderson Emily Robinson
February Paul Robinson Victoria McKeown Stephanie Hague Abbie Walker
March Amy Brown Liam Bosomworth Evie Gray Alex Bray Dominic Bird
April Emma Pinder Victoria McKeown Jake Woods Jonathan Arthur
May Liam Bosomworth Rebecca Grant Alex Campbell Beth Overman Harry Richardson
June Matthew Platten Richie Logan Sarah Morris Bede Finnigan Anna Blake
July Victoria McKeown Lee Anderson Ashleigh Lawrenson Hannah Kirsop Hannah Costello
September Paul Robinson Ellis McKenna Abbie Walker Fred Davis James Moan
October Paul Robinson Jake Woods Dominic Bird James Lane
November Danielle Huskisson Sarah Willis Zoe Anderson Charnelle Carter Faye Leathead
December Victoria McKeown Christopher Morris Rachel Leathead Michael Hague Liam Bird

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Swimmer of the Month - 2005
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Carmel Van Hymus Matthew Platten Kevin Jobling Rebecca Soden
February Emma Pinder Danielle Huskisson Laura Middleton Michael Campbell
March Paul Robinson Amy Bell Ashleigh Lawrenson Faye Pinder
April Rachel McCabe Rebecca Grant Ruth Long Rachel Leathead
May Carmel Van Hymus Adam Whitfield Matthew Allison Kesara Kapugeekiyana
June Amy Brown Matthew Platten Lee Burrell Ami Ragsdale
July Paul Robinson Victoria McKeown Ruth Long Harry Robinson
September Amy Brown Danielle Huskisson Elise Henderson Nikki Elliott
October Emma Pinder Sarah Willis Alex Richardson Danny Emmerson
November Lauren Stevenson Jake Woods Shannon Costello
December Paul Robinson Lee Anderson Stephanie Hague Caitlin McKenna

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Swimmer of the Month - 2004
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Chris McIntyre Ceri Byrne Samantha Surtees Jill McCarty
February Lindsay Simpson Madeline Wallace Lee Anderson Kevin Jobling
March Mark Robinson Adam Whitfield Alex Richardson Beth Rodgers
April Amy Brown Meghan Miller Lauren Stephenson Samantha Sinclair
May Paul Robinson Rebecca Grant Richie Logan Alex Campbell
June Thomas Brown Sam Richardson Fraser Davis Chloe Mason
July Roxanne Connolly Steffani Dixon Alex Richardson Sarah Morris
September Mark Robinson Sam Richardson Melissa Brown Christopher Walsh
October Anthony Surtess Amy Bell Jake Woods Matthew Allison
November Emma Pinder Grace Long Jill McCarty Abi Mitchell
December Amy Brown Calum Dobson Ellis McKenna Jonathan Ivory

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Swimmer of the Month - 2003
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Thomas Brown Amy Bell Rebecca Salkeld Rebecca Purvis
February Rachel McCabe Steffani Dixon Naomi Stell Matt Dixon
March Paul Robinson Victoria Allison Josh Nicholson Alexander Hall
April Graham Parker Madeline Wallace Stephen Gordon Christian Harbinson
May Lindsay Simpson Drew Davis Grace Long Calvin Steel
June Paul Robinson Lewis McHaffie Rebecca Grant Ruth Long
July Carmel Van Hymus Joyce Marie Hall Calum Dobson Kristen Mitchie
September Amy Brown Kimberley Dixon Meghan Miller Emily Allison
October Paul Robinson Claire Huskisson Nicola McKitten Alex Forshaw
November Charotte Malloy Steven Rutter Michael Hague Jessica Bamburgh
December Thomas Brown Anthony Surtees Danielle Huskisson Zoe Anderson

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Swimmer of the Month - 2002
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Graham Parker Laura Houston Emma Pinder Jodi Fletcher
February Paul Robinson Lindsay Purvis Samantha Richardson Josh McIntyre
March Charlotte Malloy Kimberley Dixon Adam Whitfield Daniel Thompson
April Mark Robinson Thomas Brown Louise Bailey Fraser Davis
May Liza Tweddle Laura Houston Kate Nixon Richard Logan
June Rachel McCabe Lucy Ivory Rebecca Grant Ellis McKenna
July David Brown Anthony Surtees Madeline Wallace Laura Middleton
September Kayleigh Scott Kimberley Dixon Danielle Huskisson Grace Long
October Paul Robinson Lucy Ivory Lee Anderson Lauren Stevenson
November Mark Robinson Carl Barker Alex Rea Lee Burrell
December Charlotte Malloy Emma Pinder Matthew Platten Frankie Charlton

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Swimmer of the Month - 2001
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Craig Howard Lucy Ivory David Rutter
February Paul Robinson Claire Huskisson Carla Smails
March Sarah France Craig Stewart Stuart Woodhouse
April Nicola Abbott Jessica Earl Adam Whitfield
May Ami Mesie Madeline Wallace Mathew Howes
June Mark Robinson Lindsay Simpson Amy Bell Bethany Ball
July David Brown Thomas Brown Calum Dobson Neil Scott
September Christine Parkin Lewis McHaffie Stuart Woodhouse Laura Whitfield
October Paul Robinson Laura Kelly Steffani Dixon Samantha Surtees
November John McIntyre Mark Brown Joyce Marie Hall Alex Rea
December Nicola Abbott Anthony Surtees Nathan Armstrong Atkinson Glenn Whitfield

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Swimmer of the Month - 2000
A Squad B Squad C Squad D Squad D Squad
Biddick Division
Land Training
January Roxanne Connolly
February Mark Robinson Alison Brown
March Jonathan Mowatt Robert Darke Kymberley Finn
April Graham Parker Rebecca Thompson Danielle Huskisson
May Marc McManus Craig Stewart Mark Cuskeran
June Nicola Abbott Claire Huskisson Amy Bell
July Gordon Rea Carl Barker Madeline Wallace
September David Brown Rebecca Thompson Joyce-Marie Hall
October Charlotte Malloy Mark Ali Steffani Dixon
November Michael Taylor Drew Davis Jessica Earl
December Dean Laybourne Lauren Smith Joshua Nicholson

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