Swimmer of the Month Awards Criteria

Behaviour and Attitude

Behaviour and manners to be of the highest standard in all areas.

Positive attitude in all areas of swimming programme.


Demonstrates a resilient, consistent, hard-work ethic both in and out of the pool.


Attends as many sessions as coaching staff set.


Demonstrates excellent listening skills and the ability to improve skill development.


Demonstrates independence in all areas.

e.g. Arrives on time, has all equipment ready, remembers Personal Best times, has log books updated and packs own swimming bag.


Selects and applies skills and techniques acquired/developed during practice sessions into competition racing/ race plan.

e.g. Stroke breathing, holding a specific pace in a race, 10m underwater coming out of a turn.

Team Work

Demonstrates excellent team work helping all team members in all areas.


All of the above and a little something extra!!!!!!!!!!!